Exploring Corn Island on Wheels

Exploring Corn Island on wheels and discover the island’s most intimate secrets by motorcycle or bicycle. Corn Island, a Caribbean paradise located off the east coast of Nicaragua, has gained popularity among nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. With white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush tropical vegetation, the island offers the perfect setting […]

How to get to Corn Island, Easy and Safe.

You love Corn Island, but the question on your mind is how do you get to the island? How far is it? Here you will find all your answers. Everything you need to know to visit the paradise island of Corn Island. Let’s start with… how to get there?. Corn Island is a tropical paradise […]

Corn Island Wildlife

Corn Island wildlife is diverse and very interesting, come and join us to discover more about this wonder! Corn Island is a group of two islands located in the Caribbean Sea, specifically off the east coast of Nicaragua. These islands, known as Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island, have an interesting and diverse fauna, […]

Corn Island: A scuba diving destination.

Corn Island diving is a fantastic experience for those who love to explore underwater ecosystems. Corn Island is the best scuba diving destination. The Corn Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua, and consist of two main islands: Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Both islands offer excellent diving […]

Delicious coconut bread on corn island.

A coconut bread bite that transports you to a Caribbean culture. Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey that awakens your senses and transports you directly to the paradisiacal Corn Islands? Corn Island coconut bread is a true gastronomy gem that you can’t miss. Discover a Unique Caribbean Flavor on Corn Island! Imagine […]

Best Corn Island Beaches

The best beaches in the Caribbean are on the Big and Little Corn Islands Both islands have wetland vegetation formations that play an important role in the functioning of their ecosystems and as a source of freshwater. The islands are surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise water, surrounded by coral reefs. Both are separated […]

Snorkeling a fascinating activity to practice in Corn Island.

  Did you know that the term “snorkeling” comes from the German word “schnorchel”, which means “tube” or “respirator”. Initially, this practice was developed in Europe as a military technique during World War II. Divers used snorkel tubes to allow submarines to stay submerged without the need to surface for air. However, snorkeling evolved into […]

Corn Island Crab Fest.

Corn Island crab fest is celebrated on August 27th of each year, on the occasion of the abolition of slavery in 1841, that means that from that time until today 182 years have passed. One of the most significant religious celebrations of Corn Island. Such decree of the abolition of slavery was extended by Queen […]

Rondon, an exquisite and aphrodisiac Caribbean dish

The gastronomy in Corn Island revolves around fish and seafood, being the most famous dish the Rondon, a soup based on fish, coconut milk and some tubers. The rondon is one of the most important dishes in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and its name means “running down”. Its inhabitants do not conceive nutrition without […]