Best Corn Island Beaches

Did you know that the Big and Little Corn Islands are the result of Tertiary Era eruptions? Both islands have wetland vegetation formations that play an important role in the functioning of their ecosystems and as a source of freshwater. The islands are surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise water, surrounded by coral reefs. […]

Snorkeling a fascinating activity to practice in Corn Island.

  Did you know that the term “snorkeling” comes from the German word “schnorchel”, which means “tube” or “respirator”. Initially, this practice was developed in Europe as a military technique during World War II. Divers used snorkel tubes to allow submarines to stay submerged without the need to surface for air. However, snorkeling evolved into […]

Corn Island Crab Fest.

One of the most significant religious celebrations of Corn Island. On August 27th of each year, the Crab Festival is held in Corn Island, Nicaragua, on the occasion of the abolition of slavery in 1841, that means that from that time until today 182 years have passed. Such decree of the abolition of slavery was […]

Rondon, an exquisite and aphrodisiac Caribbean dish

The gastronomy in Corn Island revolves around fish and seafood, being the most famous dish the Rondon, a soup based on fish, coconut milk and some tubers. The rondon is one of the most important dishes in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and its name means “running down”. Its inhabitants do not conceive nutrition without […]

Lobster on Corn Island 

The Corn Islands, located off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, boast a vibrant lobster economy that has played a crucial role in the local fishing industry. The islands are renowned for their abundant lobster population, which has attracted fishermen and tourists alike. The fishing methods employed by the local community are both sustainable and effective, […]

Corn Island and its Airport.

Corn island and its airport-hotel beach paraiso 01

Did you know that the Corn Island airport is located in the center of the island of the same name about 70 km east of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 40 minutes flight from the city of Managua and 20 min from the Bluefield. It has a paved runway in […]

Vertex The Soul of the World: Hidden Treasure in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

On the idyllic Corn Island, located in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, lies one of this country’s little-known treasures: The Soul of the World. Located in Quinn Hill Central Park on the larger Corn Island, this macroscopic sculpture offers a breathtaking view of the historic beaches of Southwest Bay and […]

Frequently asked questions about Corn Island

What is Corn Island famous for? Corn Island is a popular tourist destination in Nicaragua famous for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Corn Islands archipelago, which consists of two islands: Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. One of the […]