Vertex The Soul of the World: Hidden Treasure in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

Vertex the soul of the world Treasure hidden in the wonderful Corn Island.

Sphere and Cube
“The Soul of the World” is symbolized by the integration of two fundamental volumes: the Sphere of the Earth and an immense Cube supposedly inscribed inside it, whose diagonal – equivalent to the diameter of the planet – measures 12,756,000 meters. Equivalent to the diameter of the planet – measures 12,756,000 meters. It is therefore a large-scale sculpture since it necessarily includes the entire planet, but paradoxically, it is also a miniature on an infinitesimal scale of what it represents.

The Soul of the World emerges from the depths of the Earth in the form of a trihedral pyramid, representing a vertex of the cube. These vertices are located in six of the eight sites that connect the Earth, one of them being the lakes and volcanoes of Nicaragua. Construction of this monumental work of art began in 1988, and so far six of the eight vertices have been built. These include Molokai’i Island in Hawaii, United States; Kalahari in Botswana, Africa; Arahura in New Zealand; Tierra de Fuego in Argentina; Badgarin in the Siberia region of Russia; and Great Corn Island in Nicaragua. The monument is currently under construction in Galicia, Spain, while the last vertex, located in the Cocos Islands, an offshore territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean, is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On the idyllic Corn Island, located in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, lies one of this country’s little-known treasures: The Soul of the World. Located in Quinn Hill Central Park on the larger Corn Island, this macroscopic sculpture offers a breathtaking view of the historic beaches of Southwest Bay and Broad Bay.

The sculpture in Nicaragua, known as “The Pyramid”, has a golden sienna color and, at first glance, appears to be a triangle. It was built in 2006 by Spanish sculptor Rafael Trénor and his team. The sculpture consists of a cube inscribed in the sphere of the Earth. After much research and analysis, it was determined that Corn Island was one of the eight points connecting the inner cube to the globe. For Trénor, The Soul of the World is the largest sculpture on the planet, as it necessarily includes the Earth in its entirety. It is a monument to the soul of the world.

These places connect the Earth to each other, taking into account their antipodes as well. Each vertex offers a unique experience, from the icy taiga of Siberia to the warm, paradisiacal beauty of Corn Island. The Soul of the World is a unique monument that deserves to be visited by all those who appreciate spiritual and sculptural art.

The union of the two forms symbolizing Earth and Heaven tends to harmoniously reconcile the opposites or complementaries: day and night, the other and the same, the masculine and the feminine, yin and yang, etc.

It is therefore a new symbol of integration, fraternity and peace. Its meaning will undoubtedly allude to the mysterious universal Totality.

In addition to the Unity of the World, this work evokes Diversity. That is to say, its complementary. The enormous richness and variety of the planet in climates, mythologies, faunas, peoples, religions, music, dances, vegetation, languages, orography, landscapes, literatures, etc. is present in the eight territories where the Vertices of the Soul of the World emerge.

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