Corn Island Crab Fest.

Corn Island crab fest is celebrated on August 27th of each year, on the occasion of the abolition of slavery in 1841, that means that from that time until today 182 years have passed.

One of the most significant religious celebrations of Corn Island.

Such decree of the abolition of slavery was extended by Queen Victoria of England and by King Robert Charles Frederick of La Mosquitia, for the date, according to the historical account transmitted by the islanders, the crab was the main food available to the new free citizens, and that day they celebrated with large quantities of soup and crab meals; from there derived the name of the holiday.

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The events begin on the eve with many activities such as crab soup tastings, sports games, beauty pageants, traditional dances, horse races and float parades. The inhabitants of Big Corn Island hold a parade of floats along the main streets of the island where the candidates for Miss Corn Island participate.

These festivities are an example of what can be done to rescue the tradition, make it known and share it with visitors. Corn Island is a place full of so many surprises and beauties to share with you, getting to know it and enjoying everything it has to offer is an adventure.

Did you know that also, despite being a small island, Corn Island has been the cradle of great dreams and aspirations? Among them, the participation of its young women in the prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Nicaragua, stands out. Over the years, some of the daughters of this island paradise have defied the waters that separate them from the mainland to make a name for themselves in the world of fashion and beauty.

Each year, when the Miss Nicaragua pageant is announced, the young women of Corn Island prepare with enthusiasm and determination. Despite geographic and economic limitations, these women demonstrate their innate talent and beauty, representing their island with pride and grace.

With the support of their community and their own perseverance, some Corn Island candidates have managed to stand out on the national stage, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible impression on the judges. While they may not all win the crown, their participation inspires future generations and proves that talent and beauty know no boundaries.

She is Danielle Hodgson Candidate for Miss Nicaragua 2017, a worthy representative of the South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. With only 19 years old at that time, she proved to stand out among her peers and impact the jury, and despite the fact that in that year another candidate was the winner, this young lady knew how to leave her coastal roots very high.

Place of Origin: Corn Island, Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean.

Thus, from the crystalline waters of Corn Island, these brave young women have sailed into the glare of the spotlight, carrying with them the indomitable spirit of their island and demonstrating that true beauty resides in the heart and soul.

Nicaragua is full of women fighters and beautiful customs, currently in this year 2024 all these young women and those of all Nicaragua that one day had a dream, are being well represented by the New Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios Cornejo, originally from Carazo Nicaragua, but that is another story that we will tell you later.

Corn Island Crab Festival is an event you can’t miss, it’s a leap into a new culture that you must know to add one more memory to your travel history.


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