Rondon, an exquisite and aphrodisiac Caribbean dish

The gastronomy in Corn Island revolves around fish and seafood, being the most famous dish the Rondon, a soup based on fish, coconut milk and some tubers.

The rondon is one of the most important dishes in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and its name means “running down”. Its inhabitants do not conceive nutrition without this exquisite food.

Even though the exact date that this dish began to be consumed in the Caribbean Coast is not known, we have certain data that between the end of the XVII century and the XVIII century, when the English occupation of the Caribbean Coast took place and with the arrival of some slaves who escaped from other islands, and also shipwrecked slaves were the ones who began to make this type of dish.

The rondon in the Caribbean Coast can be said to have started in the islands of Providencia and San Andres, which belonged to Nicaragua. Then by the same migration of slaves came to Corn Island and then settled in Bluefields, which was the commercial base between the English, the Miskitos and the blacks.

In every restaurant of the coast you can find this delicious dish, which is currently very popular and requested by its visitors.

Corn Island is not far behind in the promotion of this dish, and while you enjoy the incredible beaches and relax in them, you can eat this traditional Caribbean dish.


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