Our contribution to Corn Island. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Paraiso and it’s owners are very much involved in the island community, mainly in the areas of education and preserving the fragile island environment.

Many projects have been successfully executed with the help of NGO’s, tourists, our hotel and of course our guests!
We love to keep doing what we’re doing and we invite you to help us with it.

Below you find a summary of the projects we participated in, the current projects and how you can help as well.

Plastic Recycling

The most recent project is focused on recycling plastic. For many years, plastic on the island stayed on the island. There were no means to recycle it, so it was all dumped on the island’s landfill.

The effects of that are becoming visible more and more. The quality of our drinking water is deteriorating fast by the pollution of the island soil.

Many islanders, hotels, restaurants and the local government are worried about it and decided to join hands and take action. The newly formed Corn Island Business Association is working in close cooperation with islanders and the local government to reduce and recycle plastic on the island.

The main goals of the project are:

1. Encourage people and businesses to collect and separate their plastic waste.

2. The local government collects the plastic once a week.

3. the plastic waste plastic is compressed by a hydraulic press.

4. The plastic is shipped off and sold to a recycling plant in Managua.

5. The earnings from the plastic are used to pay for the collection and transport.

But…. we still have a gap in our budget. The local government does not have sufficient funding to collect, separate and press the plastic. Also the transport of the plastic waste to Managua is expensive.

And here is where you can come in and give us a hand. We encourage our guests to donate to the project. Collection boxes can be found in Paraiso and on more and more places on the island. All donations benefit the plastic recycling project directly.